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Here you can read Aleris’s Privacy Policy

Aleris Denmark respects the right of individuals to have their data processed lawfully, and our data processing will always be in accordance with the applicable legislation and follow our vision to provide services of the highest quality.

Data controller

Aleris Denmark is the data controller responsible for the processing of your personal data and comprises the following companies:

Aleris Hospitaler A/S (CVR no. 71017516)

Aleris Ringsted (CVR no. 25317181)

In-Lab Medico CVR no. 12505280

We process the following data

When you are a patient at Aleris Hospitaler

The purpose of the processing of your personal data is to enable us to provide you with the best possible treatment. Your personal data are processed securely and health data are processed in accordance with the ‘Executive Order on Authorised Healthcare Professionals’ Patient Case Notes and Records’. Photo documentation in connection with cosmetic treatment/surgery is done in accordance with the ‘Executive Order on Cosmetic Treatment’.

Employees at Aleris Hospitaler are subject to a duty of confidentiality. This means that, as a general rule, they must not exchange data about your health with other parties without your consent. Your consent to exchange of data is connected with your current course of treatment. Exchange of health data is often essential for successful treatment and a consistent course of treatment. Data may only be obtained/disclosed to the extent necessary. Therefore, our staff will always assess the relevance of data that are to be disclosed.

When you use our hospitals, we collect the following personal data:

  • General data: Name, address information, email, telephone numbers
  • Civil registration (CPR) number
  • Sensitive data:
  • Health data
  • Pre-imaging and post-imaging in connection with cosmetic treatment
  • Any ethnic or religious data
  • Social circumstances (e.g. if there is a need of home care or municipal rehabilitation)

We may exchange your personal data with:

  • Insurance companies if the data processing is paid by these
  • General practitioner or specialist physician
  • Public hospitals
  • Other healthcare professionals, for example private hospitals, physiotherapists, municipalities
  • Regions in connection with invoicing if your examination or treatment at Aleris is paid by the public sector

From and to whom can Aleris automatically collect and disclose information without your consent?

Healthcare professionals and administrative staff internally at Aleris have access to your personal data and health data to the extent that they participate in your treatment or contribute to documentation and invoicing of your course of treatment.

There may be a need to obtain relevant health data before your visit to Aleris, e.g. a copy of previous case notes or order of X-rays or images from a scan. This can be done without your consent, in accordance with Section 9 of the Danish Health Care Act (Sundhedsloven). However, you may at any time ask us to refrain from this by contacting Aleris Hospitaler.

There may be cases in which Aleris discloses your health data without your consent to ensure a successful and consistent course of treatment if you are transferred to a public hospital for further treatment.

A copy of your case notes is automatically sent to your own doctor after an outpatient visit or surgery at Aleris Hospitaler. If you do not want this, you must notify Aleris Hospitaler.

If the region pays for your examination or treatment, a copy of your case notes will be sent to the referring hospital department. In addition, information about current courses of treatment in the form of diagnostic codes and examinations or operations performed is sent to the regional office in connection with invoicing to the region.

If there is specific information that you do not want to be disclosed, or if there are any healthcare professionals or authorities that you do not want to be informed, please let us know.

The Danish Health Care Act imposes an obligation on the hospital to report information about treated patients to the Danish Health Authority’s National Patient Register (LPR), see ‘Executive Order on Doctors’ Reporting to the National Patient Register of Treatment Performed in Private Hospitals and Clinics’, see ‘Executive Order on Reporting of Approved Clinical Quality Databases and Disclosure of Data to the Danish Health Data Authority’.

The data will never be transferred to third countries (non-EU member states).

Worth knowing

Consent to exchange of information for purposes other than treatment is valid for maximum one year.

You can always withdraw your consent in full or in part. You do this by contacting Aleris’s staff.

Access to patient records

In accordance with Section 42a(1) of the Danish Health Care Act, doctors, dentists, midwives, nurses, public health nurses, social and healthcare assistants, radiographers and paramedics with special competence have unlimited access to obtain electronic health data, other information about purely private matters as well as other confidential information necessary and relevant in connection with treatment of a patient. Staff with secretarial functions are not healthcare professionals under the meaning of the law.

In accordance with Section 42a(10) of the Danish Health Care Act, a healthcare professional may, under his or her responsibility, let secretaries provide technical assistance for referencing information to which the healthcare professional himself/herself has access. Staff with secretarial functions can thus both write and look up data in electronic systems containing health data etc.

In accordance with Section 42a(4) of the Danish Health Care Act, the hospital management or department management must make public if they grant permission for other healthcare professionals to have the same access to electronic patient records.

On this basis, it is hereby made public that the hospital management of Aleris Hospitaler has decided to authorise the following healthcare professionals throughout the hospital unit to have the same extended access as the healthcare professionals mentioned in Section 42a(1) of the Danish Health Care Act to obtain all the data necessary/relevant about the patient’s health situation, other purely private matters and other confidential information for use for the treatment in question:

  • Dieticians
  • Psychologists
  • Physiotherapists
  • Chiropractors
  • Laboratory technicians

When visiting our websites, Facebook or Instagram

When you use our website, we place cookies. See our Cookie Policy here

C&S Universe

By joining C&S Universe as a member, you accept that Aleris Hospitaler A/S stores your profile details as well as usage history, and we also store information about your preferences to enable us to target relevant marketing for you. These data are stored in accordance with the legislation on sensitive personal data.

You always have a right of access to the personal data we have registered about you and to request us to have them rectified or erased if they are inaccurate, incomplete or irrelevant. You can also do this yourself on your personal profile via a link in our emails.

Your data will not be disclosed to any companies or persons outside C&S Universe without your consent.

If you apply for a job with Aleris Hospitaler

If you apply for a job with us, we process the following personal data:

  • General data: Name, address information, email, telephone numbers
  • CV and application
  • Civil registration (CPR) number
  • Any photo
  • Information about criminal record

The purpose of the data processing is to offer a flexible recruitment procedure in which data security is given top priority. Applications will be erased within six months after the recruitment process has been completed. However, you may contact us if you want to have your personal data erased before then. We will not disclose your personal data to others.


If you are employed with Aleris Hospitaler

We process the following personal data:

  • General data: Name, address details, email, telephone numbers
  • CV and application
  • Civil registration (CPR) number
  • Any photo
  • Information about criminal record

See Section 12 of the Danish Data Protection Act (Databeskyttelsesloven)

Aleris may disclose the relevant master data regarding the employment relationship to affiliated companies within or outside the EU for use for the above purposes. Some jurisdictions do not provide the same protection of personal data as EU/EEA member states. When transferring your data to such jurisdictions, Aleris will ensure that the transfer complies with any applicable statutory requirements and that an adequate level of protection is provided for your data.

Aleris may also disclose the relevant data regarding your employment if this is found to be necessary in connection with Aleris’s submission of quotations for work to be performed for third parties. The data may also be disclosed to third parties in connection with a third party’s investment in or purchase and sale of Aleris or part thereof. In connection with disclosure of data, a duty of confidentiality will be imposed on the data recipient regarding these data.

Aleris is the data controller for its own processing of payroll and staff data about the company’s employees. As a member of the Confederation of Danish Employers (DA), Aleris is obliged to participate in DA’s statistics on payroll and HR conditions.

Participation in these statistics means that Aleris discloses personal data about the employees’ payroll and HR conditions to DA. The data are disclosed via the payroll administrative systems and DA’s website DA is the data controller for the processing of the disclosed personal data for statistical purposes.

Trusted employees at Aleris answer questions about the employees’ payroll and HR conditions on enquiries from DA. DA makes summaries of the data quality available to Aleris on access-restricted pages of, which contain personal data.

If Aleris uses the web-based tool, trusted employees at Aleris may access statistics via this tool, including personal data about own employees in Mine tal (My figures). In order to comply with Aleris’s obligations under the Danish Act on Statistics Denmark (Lov om Danmarks Statistik), DA discloses the personal data to Statistics Denmark in unprocessed form.

Your rights

You have a right of access to the personal data we process about you

You have a right to have the personal data we have registered about you rectified and updated

You have a right to have the personal data we have registered about you erased. If you wish to have your personal data erased, we will erase all data which we do not have a statutory obligation to store. Click here to fill in a request for erasure of personal data

If the processing of personal data is based on your consent, you may withdraw this consent in full or in part at any given time

If you have any questions about our processing of your personal data or need more information about your rights, you can contact us at:


Aleris Danmark

Gyngemose Parkvej 66

DK-2860 Søborg



Contact details of DPO

DPO and Health Care Lawyer Susanne Beck Petersen




We protect your personal data and have adopted internal rules on information security that contain measures to protect your personal data from unauthorised disclosure and against unauthorised parties gaining access to or acquiring knowledge about them.

We have established procedures for granting access rights to those of our employees who process your personal data. We control this via logging and supervision. We make regular backups to avoid data loss. We also protect the confidentiality and authenticity of your data by encryption when we send data outside our network.

In the event of a data breach that results in a high risk for you of discrimination, ID theft, financial loss, loss of reputation or other significant inconvenience, we will notify you of the data breach as soon as possible.

Deadlines for erasure and storage of personal data

All patient data which we enter in our patient records in Aleris are stored in accordance with the ‘Executive Order on Authorised Healthcare Professionals’ Patient Case Notes and Records’. Patient records must not be erased, see Danish Consolidated Act on Limitation of Claims (the Limitation Act) (Bekendtgørelse af lov om forældelse af fordringer (Forældelsesloven). Aleris must at all times be able to find documentation for performed examinations and treatments in case of patient complaints.

We store relevant personal data such as employment contracts, time sheet/holiday/absence registrations etc. and for up to five years after the severance date.

The reason for storing employment contracts, time sheet/holiday/absence registrations and other records for five years after the severance date is that if a legal action or a similar claim is brought by an employee or a former employee, Aleris must be able to meet the dispute. Aleris must be able to meet cases until they are barred by limitation, see Section 4 of the Danish Limitation Act and D4 Guidelines ‘Timetable, filing of employee documents, severance and erasure of employees’ (Timeplan, arkivering af medarbejderdokumenter, fratrædelse og sletning af medarbejder),

Any deviation from the erasure of data five years after severance, for example in connection with a pending case under employment law, will require approval by the HR Director.

All other personal data are erased or anonymised when they are no longer relevant for the purpose for which they were collected.

Complaints body

You may complain about our processing of your personal data to the Danish Data Protection Agency.

See contact details and more about how to complain:

You can also contact us at