Insemination - IUI


Insemination - IUI

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Aleris Fertility offers insemination with partner sperm or donor sperm to couples and singles worldwide. We optimise your course of treatment so that you need to travel as little as possible. Get good advice from our experienced specialists at a preliminary consultation.

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If you cannot get pregnant in the conventional manner, we can offer you insemination with your partner’s sperm or with donor sperm. Book a consultation with our specialists and get help to fulfil your dream of becoming pregnant.

Insemination can be done either with your partner’s sperm (IUI-H) or with donor sperm (IUI-D).

Insemination with partner’s sperm (IUI-H) is offered to:

  • Couples with unexplained childlessness
  • Couples where the man’s sperm quality is mildly to moderately reduced
  • Couples where the woman has irregular bleeding
  • Couples where the woman has mild endometriosis

Insemination with donor sperm (IUI-D) is offered to:

  • Single women
  • Lesbian couples
  • Couples where the man’s sperm does not meet the requirements for fertility treatment

A prerequisite for insemination is that there is passage through your fallopian tubes and that the sperm quality is good enough. Normally, 3-6 inseminations are offered before other treatment is considered.

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Procedure and course for insemination with donor sperm is the same as for insemination with partner’s sperm.


Course of insemination

When you need to be inseminated, this can be done either during your natural cycle or in a stimulated cycle, where you receive a hormone therapy that stimulates the formation of 1-2 mature eggs per month. In both cases, the sperm is inseminated directly in the uterus to increase the chances of egg fertilisation. The insemination is done in the hours around the ovulation where the chance of pregnancy is greatest.

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