HSE – examination of passage conditions

To fall pregnant from artificial insemination, there must be passage through at least one of the fallopian tubes so that the egg can migrate through the fallopian tube to the uterus.

With an HSE, our fertility specialists can examine the passage conditions in the fallopian tubes.


How does HSE work?

The examination is usually conducted from the 5th to the 10th day of your cycle.

During the examination, contrast fluid is injected through the fallopian tubes and, using ultrasound, we can see if the passage conditions are in order.

The examination takes 5 – 10 minutes and is harmless. After a few hours, you may feel a little discomfort in the form of menstrual-like pain. This can be prevented by taking 1 g of Paracetamol and 400 mg Ibuprofen prior to the examination. We always make sure that your chlamydia swab is negative before the examination, and that the examination is done in a sterile manner. Therefore, the risk of abdominal infection as a result of the examination is very low.

The chlamydia swab can either be done by your own doctor before the examination, or the swab can be done in here connection with having a HSE, for which you will need to pay for the swab.

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