After pregnancy

If you get pregnant after fertility treatment with us, we would like to hear from you after you have given birth, as our results must be reported to the Danish Health Data Authority. If you are in doubt about anything, please always feel free to contact us.


Statutory reporting to the Danish Health Data Authority

Aleris Fertility collects information about the individual courses of pregnancy and childbirth to get an overview of the fertility clinic’s results, which must be reported to the Danish Health Data Authority.

Therefore, after you have completed your pregnancy, please fill in a form about your course of pregnancy and childbirth. You will be given the form in connection with the pregnancy scan and we would ask you to fill it in and return it to us after you have given birth.

We need to know your baby’s date of birth, gender, weight and length. We also need information about whether the birth was without problems and whether a caesarean section was planned for the birth.


Share your experience with others

If you would like to share your joy and experience with others who are or will be undergoing fertility treatment, you are very welcome to send pictures and a small text, which we are happy to share on our social media.

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