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If you are overweight or underweight, this may affect your chances of getting pregnant. Therefore, our dieticians are ready to help provide you with the best possible chances of getting pregnant.

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Weight problems give fertility problems

Overweight and underweight may cause a hormonal imbalance, which can affect ovulation in both cases. It reduces your chances of getting pregnant.

If your BMI gets close to the normal value, you can have regular menstruation and ovulation again, and you can get naturally pregnant in many cases.

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Get help with an effective diet

Our dieticians can help you prepare a customised diet which handles your weight problem, and you get the necessary support to implement the changes in practice.

Dietary changes should be made before and during the fertility treatment. It is advantageous to continue with guidance by a dietician during pregnancy and breastfeeding, so that your diet can be optimised to meet your changing needs.

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