Your preliminary consultation

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You will first attend a non-binding consultation with one of our experienced specialists at Aleris Fertility in Copenhagen. They will take good time to talk to you about your situation and any previous fertility treatment.


What happens at the consultation?

An ultrasound scan is done of your uterus and ovaries, and your general state of health is reviewed. We also form an overview of which examinations you, and possibly your partner, need to undergo before any course of treatment can be commenced.

Based on this, you discuss the further course of examination and treatment at Aleris Fertility. Perhaps your mind is already made up and you are ready to begin treatment. Or you may need to go home and think about it.

If you have previously received infertility treatment, it will be an advantage if we receive a copy of case notes, stimulation forms and laboratory forms describing the development of the eggs and the sperm quality of your partner, if any.

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