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Fallopian tubes and fertility

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If you have had your fallopian tubes removed or there are passage problems in your fallopian tubes, you can contact us to schedule a consultation with our specialists, who can plan an optimal fertility treatment for you.

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Impaired passage through the fallopian tubes

The most frequent cause of blocked passage through the fallopian tubes is pelvic inflammatory disease, especially after a chlamydia infection. Other causes may be previous operations in the abdomen or lower parts of the stomach, e.g. an appendectomy. Endometriosis may also be a cause, in particular if there are adhesions.

Poor fallopian tube passage is often asymptomatic, but it can be ascertained by, for example, an HSE or an HSG, which are examinations of the passage conditions in the fallopian tubes.


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If our fertility specialists find a reason to optimise your fertility treatment with an operation, for example removal of polyps, muscle nodules etc., Aleris Hospitaler has some of the best specialists in gynaecology who can help you.

This means that you can remain in your familiar secure settings. Our doctors are in close dialogue to ensure that you receive an optimal course of treatment.

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