Fertility consultancy

Obtain certainty so that you can plan your parenthood

Do you know your fertility? Perhaps you have not even considered it yet, but the reality is that fertility is heavily declining in the Western world. This applies to both men and women, so maybe there is good reason to have it checked to ascertain whether you are in a hurry.


Infertility is a national scourge

Among 25 to 45-year-old women/couples who have tried having children, 10-15% are infertile. Approximately 40% of healthy young men have a sperm quality that may make it more difficult or impossible for them to make a woman pregnant.

This makes infertility a national scourge which affects more 25 to 45-year-old Danes than other serious chronic wide-spread diseases such as asthma, diabetes, mental illness, cancer and cardiovascular diseases


We give you a status

At Aleris Fertility, you can receive analysis and advice regarding your fertility, also even if you are not currently considering having children.

Our fertility consultancy comprises an assessment of your fertility and an indication of your chances of having a child. The examinations consist of blood tests, an ultrasound scan for women and a sperm analysis for men.

In addition, we recommend that women have an HSE (examination of passage conditions in the fallopian tubes).

The consultancy includes a consultation with one of our physicians specialised in fertility, gynaecology and obstetrics.

Exercising Makes Us Feel Great

Six good tips for young people

  1. Do not postpone your parenthood if you have found love and would like to have children
  2. Be conscious of your fertility
  3. Lead a good and healthy lifestyle – avoid tobacco, drugs and alcohol
  4. Know your options for fertility treatment in Denmark if you need help. Read more about the legislation
  5. Seek medical advice if you have not become pregnant after trying for 12 months
  6. In the event of blocked fallopian tubes, irregular menstrual periodsor reduced sperm quality, you should be referred for fertility treatment without wasting your time trying to get naturally pregnant.