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Ordering donor sperm

You must order donor sperm in the sperm bank before commencement of each new treatment. Sperm is only supplied for one treatment at a time. It is important that you order the sperm when registering for the treatment with us.

Once you have chosen the type of sperm donation you wish to use, you will receive the relevant consent form for signing.

You then yourself choose a sperm donor from a sperm bank’s catalogue. You can use European Sperm Bank or alternatively Cryos International.

European Sperm Bank

Cryos International

It may be an advantage to use a new sperm donor if you do not get pregnant with your first donor choice after 2-3 treatments.


Procedure for ordering sperm at European Sperm Bank

  1. Create your own profile via the sperm bank’s website and select Aleris Fertility as shipping address
  2. Choose the sperm donor you prefer and place him and the number of sperm straws you want in the basket. 1 ‘sperm straw’ unit is for 1 treatment
  3. Once you have paid for the order, the sperm bank will send your purchase to us
  4. If you want the sperm straw to be delivered on a specific day, you can inform the sperm bank thereof

Procedure for ordering sperm at Cryos International

  1. Create a private account via the sperm bank’s website
  2. Select your country of residence and treatment country
  3. Select your preferred sperm donor and place the number of sperm straws that you would like in the basket. You use 1 “sperm straw” for 1 treatment
  4. Enter the reference code ALERIS10 under delivery address for a 10% discount on the straw
  5. Select “Dispatch in dry ice”.
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Sperm depot

You may reserve and store sperm from the same donor in a sperm depot at the sperm bank.  This will enable you to use the same sperm donor for subsequent siblings.