FET – Transfer of thawed eggs


FET – Transfer of thawed eggs

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If you have had fertilised eggs frozen in connection with previous IVF or ICSI treatment, they can be thawed and transferred back to your uterus if you need new attempts or want more children. Please feel free to contact our fertility specialists if you want to know more.



FET stands for Frozen Embryo Transfer. The advantage of freezing fertilised eggs for subsequent use is that you avoid further hormone stimulation and egg retrieval. You should be aware that the fertilised eggs can be stored for maximum five years.

We may only thaw your eggs if we have received written consent to this. This consent must be signed by both parties or by the woman in treatment of single women.

See the Danish rules for freezing of eggs

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Procedure in transfer of thawed, fertilised eggs

Before the egg can be transferred back to your uterus, the endometrium must be prepared to receive the thawed, fertilised egg. You can start a treatment with mild hormone therapy or use an ovulation syringe in your own natural cycle.

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