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If you are having problems getting pregnant, gynaecological analysis and treatment may, in some cases, be necessary before you start your fertility treatment. Here our fertility specialists can involve the hospital’s experienced gynaecologists.

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When is the gynaecologist involved?

There are many reasons why you may have difficulty getting pregnant. In some cases, it is due to gynaecological disorders such as polyps, muscle nodules or adhesions in the fallopian tubes. In such case, it may be necessary to involve a gynaecologist in the review or to undergo treatment that can help optimise your chances of getting pregnant.

Get rapid treatment with Aleris’s gynaecologists

If our fertility specialists find a reason to optimise your fertility treatment with a telescopic examination or an operation, for example removal of polyps, muscle nodules etc., Aleris Hospitaler has some of the best specialists in gynaecology, who can help you at all our hospitals throughout Denmark.

This means that you can remain in your familiar secure settings. Our fertility doctors and gynaecologists work closely together to provide you with an optimal course of treatment.

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