Double donation with eggs and sperm


Double donation with eggs and sperm

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Double donation with eggs and sperm
Double donation with donor eggs and donor sperm is permitted in Denmark, and is offered at Aleris Fertility to women and couples worldwide. Book a consultation with our specialists and get professional advice.

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Double donation

Double donation means that both eggs and sperm are donated, and the child will thus not be biologically related to his or her parents. It is a requirement that either the sperm or the egg cell has been donated in non-anonymous form. We advise you on the difference between the various donation types. Read more

Who can receive donor eggs?

You can receive an egg donation until you turn 46 if there is a medical reason for this. This means that the treatment must have been commenced no later than when you are 45 years old and that it stops when you turn 46.


Most frequent reasons for choosing egg donation

  • You have entered menopause prematurely
  • Repeated IVF/ICSI treatment has not resulted in the formation of suitable eggs
  • You have had your ovaries removed
  • Hormone stimulation and/or egg retrieval are/is not regarded as medically sound
  • You or your partner is a carrier of or ill with a hereditary disease which you do not wish to pass on to a child
  • You have been born without ovaries (Turner syndrome)
  • You have previously received chemotherapy or radiation therapy

Choice of sperm donor

It is first and foremost important that you consider whether the sperm donor is to be anonymous or non-anonymous. There are several different donation types from which you can choose, depending on how much information you want you and your child to have about the sperm donor. There are no right or wrong choices, so it is important that you consider what feels right for you.

You can order sperm at European Sperm Bank or Cryos International.

You can also choose to buy donor sperm through us if you only want to know eye, skin and hair colour as well as height. However, we only have a limited range.

Course of treatment in egg donation


Preliminary consultation:

Here we take good time to talk about the pros and cons of egg donation and the course of treatment.

Egg donor starts treatment

Den kvinde, som skal donere æg til dig, starter behandlingen op.

The sperm sample

When the donor is ready for egg retrieval, we need a sperm sample from the selected sperm donor.

Fertilisation and cultivation of eggs

The donor eggs are fertilised with sperm cells. They are then cultivated for up to five days before being frozen.

Hormone therapy

For the fertilised egg to attach itself to the endometrium, you are given specific hormone therapy.

Ultrasound scan

On cycle day 10-12, you are scanned to assess the thickness of the endometrium, and progesterone treatment is commenced.

Egg transfer

On progesterone day 6, the most suitable egg is transferred to your uterus. You continue with the hormone therapy.

Pregnancy test:

Around 11 days after the egg retrieval, you must have a pregnancy blood test done.

Pregnancy scan

If the pregnancy test is positive, we perform an ultrasound scan approximately three weeks later.
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