Preliminary consultation before fertility treatment (is refunded on commencement of treatment) DKK 800,-

Social freezing

1 x Social freezing Freezing of unfertilised eggs DKK 24.000,-
2 x Social freezing Freezing of unfertilised eggs DKK 21.000,-
3 x Social freezing Freezing of unfertilised eggs DKK 19.000,-
Storage of unfertilised eggs per year (max. five years) DKK 1.500,-

Price information

The price is inclusive of ultrasound scans, egg retrieval and freezing of unfertilised eggs.

The price is excl. of expenses for medicines, any fertilisation of unfertilised eggs (ICSI), freezing of fertilised eggs and subsequent egg transfer. This must be paid for in accordance with the current price lists.

The unfertilised eggs can only be used in connection with your own treatment, i.e. they cannot be donated to others.

The unfertilised eggs must only be stored for a maximum period of five years. If they have not been used before then, they must be destroyed The fertility clinic is subsequently obliged to thaw and destroy the frozen unfertilised eggs.

All prices are inclusive of statutory patient insurance of 6%.

Indicative prices are stated, and these will apply from 1 February 2022.


All prices are quoted in EUR and are indicative (based on a rate of 7.5). Payment will be made in DKK and the exact amount is calculated based on the exchange rate of the day.

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