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What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small, passive text file placed on the user’s computer, smartphone or tablet. It makes it possible to recognise the user’s computer and collect information about which pages and functions the user’s browser visits. Cookies are anonymous and contain no personal data. Therefore, they cannot identify you, your computer or whether the computer is being used by one or more persons. Nor can they spread computer virus or other malware.

Permanent or session cookies

Cookies can be ‘session’ cookies or ‘permanent’ cookies. Session cookies are linked to the current visit to the website and are automatically deleted when you close your web browser. However, permanent cookies are placed on your device. Permanent cookies delete themselves after a certain period, but will be renewed each time you visit the website.

Third-party cookies

We also use third-party cookies at A third-party cookie is a cookie placed by other parties than Aleris itself, e.g. Facebook. This may, for example, be done for analysis purposes or anonymous tracking of traffic across websites. Please visit the respective suppliers’ websites for information about their cookies policy.

Overview of cookies used at

Below, you will find a more detailed overview of cookies used at

Necessary cookies (own cookies)

At, we use a number of cookies which are necessary for the website to function as intended. This may, for example, be to remember what you searched for at your previous visit, so that you do not have to enter everything from scratch in the search form and to remember whether you have already seen the cookies usage information.

Preference cookies (own cookies)

These cookies are used to ensure optimal user experience on the website. They include selected preferences such as language or choices that simplify navigation. No personally identifiable data are collected with this type of cookies.

Operating and optimisation cookies (third-party cookies)

These cookies are used to collect knowledge for optimisation of our website so that visitors have a good user experience and can quickly find the information they need. This may, for example, be registration of the user’s operating system and browser for optimal display or analysis of visitor behaviour to improve navigation.

We use Google Analytics to analyse how users use our website and where they come from. The Google Analytics cookie contains a randomly generated ID used to recognise the browser when the user loads a web page that uses Google Analytics. The cookie does not contain any personal data and is used solely for web analysis. The information collected by the cookie about your use (traffic data, including your IP address) is sent to and stored on Google’s servers in the United States.

You can decline cookies from Google Analytics here

Marketing – anonymous tracking across websites (third-party cookies)

Marketing cookies are used to collect information about user behaviour and they store these data for retargeting once the user has left the page. This allows us to target online ads based on user behaviour on the website and to see the effect of our advertising. Our cookies do not register any personal data on the website, and data are anonymous. The following marketing cookies are used at

Google Tag Manager uses cookies to control and insert scripts

Adwords uses cookies for conversion tracking of advertising in Google’s search results

Retargeting – anonymous tracking for targeting ads across websites

Facebook cookies are used for conversion tracking when a visitor has arrived at the website via Facebook. (Facebook like conversion)

How to delete cookies

See instructions here

How to avoid cookies

If you do not want to receive cookies, you can block them. See instructions here

Technical specifications of cookies


Session cookie sent to your browser. It is used when you open your browser and visit a web page that implements ASP.NET. This cookie is deleted when you close your browser.


We put a hashtag to verify that a form is being sent from our website and not from any other domain.


Contain information that the user has accepted that Aleris’s website uses cookies so that visitors do not need to accept cookies on each visit.


Is placed to enable us to distinguish users in analytics (however anonymously).


We put a hashtag to verify that a form is being sent from our website and not from any other domain.