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Undergoing a fertility treatment can cause emotional distress, and many experience that it is comforting to get professional help to handle the process along the way. We support you all the way, and our psychologists are ready to help.

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Fertility treatment affects the psyche

Starting a family and having children is one of the greatest desires in life for many people. When things do not go as planned, it is natural to feel sorrow, anger, guilt and powerlessness. It does not become easier when your friends start having children.

Fertility treatment may also be exhausting and result in some emotional rollercoaster rides along the way, especially if several attempts are needed. It may also be hard on a couple’s relationship because of hormone therapies, the many treatment appointments, fatigue and emotional reactions.

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Everyone may need help

There is often a big difference between how you and your partner experience and handle the situation, and it is important to support each other, accept each other’s different ways of reacting and make sure that the treatment is a shared project throughout the process. It may sometimes be good to get professional help to tackle the psychological strain along the way.

If you are alone with all the decisions and the process, it can be rewarding to talk to a psychologist and discuss the thoughts and challenges that emerge along the way.

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Aleris offers quick and effective psychologist assistance when you most need it. Talk to a psychologist online from your sofa at home or at one of Aleris’s hospitals.

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