Freezing of fertilised eggs

It is possible to freeze any excess fertilised eggs after a fertility treatment so that you can have them transferred to your uterus later on. Our specialists will talk to you about the possibility of freezing fertilised eggs at the preliminary consultation.


Why is it an advantage to freeze your fertilised eggs?

If you have excess fertilised eggs of a good quality in connection with IVF or ICSI treatment, they can be frozen with a view to being transferred to your uterus later on.

By freezing your fertilized eggs, you avoid further hormone stimulation and egg retrieval. This may be relevant if you did not become pregnant through the IVF or ICSI treatment or want more children.

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Freezing for the future with vitrification

We use the latest freezing technique with vitrification, which, with rapid and effective freezing, provides good survival rates and development possibilities for your fertilised eggs. The eggs are frozen quickly and are stored securely in a tank with liquid nitrogen until you are ready to use them.

We cannot predict whether there will be fertilised eggs suitable for freezing and how many there will be. Therefore, we prepare the following plan together with you:

  • If we freeze the eggs, you will be sent a signed declaration in which we have entered the total number of fertilised eggs we have frozen.
  • If the statement specifies 0 units, this means that there are no suitable eggs for freezing.
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  • Frozen, fertilised eggs can only be used for your own fertility treatment and cannot be donated to others.
  • Frozen, fertilized eggs can be stored until the woman turns 46 years old. If they have not been used before, they must be destroyed.
  • You must grant your written consent for freezing and storage, and declare that you accept the applicable terms and conditions.
  • Frozen, fertilised eggs may only be thawed if you or both parties give written consent for each thawing.
  • Donation for research purposes of frozen eggs that you cannot use yourself requires your informed consent.

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Embryos are destroyed in case of:

  • One of the parties’ death, unless the man has given his consent to the woman using the frozen embryos after his death.
  • The actual end of the cohabitation/marriage.
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