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Sperm analysis

Get your sperm quality tested

If you have been trying to get pregnant for a long time without any luck, or if you just want to have your sperm quality assessed, you may have your sperm quality examined in connection with fertility consultancy.

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Causes of childlessness

The cause of childlessness may be found in the woman or the man, but it may also be a combination of both. In around 15-20% of all cases, the examination results are normal for both the woman and the man, and it is not possible to explain the childlessness.

In most cases, problems with male fertility are associated with an insufficient production of normal sperm cells. This may be due to hereditary factors and diseases, but environment and lifestyle are also contributory factors.

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Get your sperm quality tested

If you want to start fertility treatment, sperm analysis is a part of the fertility review. We perform the sperm analysis in our laboratory and, based on the findings, we advise you about the optimal fertility treatment for you, so that you can fulfil your dream of becoming parents.

If you just want information about your fertility, you can book a fertility consultation which includes a sperm analysis.

If the number of sperm cells is greatly reduced, you will need supplementary examinations such as chromosome analysis, hormone status and a testicular ultrasound scan. We refer to the Department of Growth and Reproduction at Rigshospitalet (Copenhagen University Hospital).

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