Social freezing – Freezing of unfertilised eggs

If you have not yet found your knight in shining armour or if you are too busy with your career, you can now freeze your unfertilised eggs for later use. Book a preliminary consultation with our specialists and get advice on freezing of unfertilised eggs.

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Age affects your fertility

The longer you postpone parenthood, the greater the risk that it will be difficult for you to become pregnant. Therefore, younger women increasingly use social freezing, where they have their unfertilised eggs frozen for achievement of pregnancy later on when it fits better into their life situation.


Why freeze your unfertilised eggs?

As you are born with a certain number of eggs, you will, as you get older, have fewer eggs left, and the quality of the eggs will concurrently deteriorate. This means that your chances of becoming pregnant get smaller as you grow older.

Freezing of unfertilised eggs may therefore increase your chances of pregnancy at a later stage, as healthy eggs are retrieved and stored as early as possible.

If you choose to use social freezing, you should be prepared to undergo hormone stimulation to mature more than the one egg that you would normally do. Eggs are then retrieved. For more information about the course of treatment.

At the preliminary consultation, the doctor assesses whether social freezing is an option for you.


Freezing for the future with vitrification

We use the latest freezing technique with vitrification, which, with rapid and effective freezing, provides optimal conditions for your unfertilised eggs. The eggs are frozen quickly and are stored securely in a tank with liquid nitrogen until you are ready to use them.

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  • Frozen, unfertilised eggs can only be used for your own fertility treatment and cannot be donated to others
  • Frozen, unfertilised eggs may only be stored for five years from the time of freezing, however, no later than until you turn 46 If they have not been used before then, they must be destroyed.
  • You must grant your written consent for freezing and storage, and declare that you accept the applicable terms and conditions
  • Frozen, fertilised eggs may only be thawed if you give your written consent for each thawing
  • Donation for research purposes of frozen eggs that you cannot use yourself requires informed consent from you.

Information about the process


Preliminary consultation:

Our specialists will advice you on freezing of unfertilised eggs

Registration for treatment:

On the first cycle day, you call us to schedule an appointment for commencement of treatment.

First visit with ultrasound:

On cycle day 2 or 3, you are scanned. If everything is OK, you will start hormone stimulation.

Second visit with ultrasound:

Seven days later you will be scanned again to assess the number and size of your follicles.

Ovulation syringe:

Once the egg sacs are ready, an ovulation syringe is administered which completes the maturation of the eggs.

Egg retrieval:

The doctor draws the follicular fluid with the egg sacs from your ovaries with a fine needle and guided by ultrasound.
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