Pregnancy test and pregnancy scan

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The waiting time before the pregnancy test can be long, and you are always welcome to call us if you have any questions or are worried during the process. Our team is ready to support you.


Pregnancy test

To have confirmation of whether you are pregnant, you must take a pregnancy blood test which shows whether you have the pregnancy hormone hCG in your blood. This type of test is more accurate than a urine sample. It is important that the pregnancy test is done also even if you have begun menstruating.

You can choose to have the blood test done with us or with your own doctor. If your own doctor does the blood test, please inform us of the result.

In a few women, it may be necessary to repeat the blood test so that we can follow the development of the pregnancy. Too low increases may indicate an incipient abortion or give rise to suspicion of a pregnancy outside the uterus.

If the pregnancy test is positive, you will be given an appointment for a pregnancy scan.


Pregnancy scan

We perform a vaginal ultrasound scan approximately three weeks after a positive pregnancy test. You will then be 7 or 8 weeks pregnant because the pregnancy is counted from the egg retrieval day + two weeks.

The doctor checks for heart flashes and number of embryos. By measuring the embryo from head to tail, the age of the foetus can be calculated and a future due date for the expected birth can thus be set. If everything appears to be in order, you will receive information about the further course.

You may choose to have a pregnancy scan done near your home if this is easiest for you.


If the pregnancy test is negative

Unfortunately, we know little about why some women fail to get pregnant. Regardless of whether you have tried to get pregnant for a short or long time, it can be associated with great sadness, disappointment and a feeling of powerlessness if your pregnancy test is negative and you get your menstrual period.

You are always welcome to call us and schedule an appointment with one of us. For many, it may also be a great help to talk to one of Aleris’s psychologists to get some tools to handle the process and any depression.

People’s wishes for when they want a new treatment differ greatly, and you talk to the fertility doctor about what is best for you. You take the break that you need. A month between the treatments will usually be necessary as a ‘break’.

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