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How to register for treatment

When we have the results of the fertility review, and you have planned your treatment together with the fertility doctor, you can commence the course of treatment.

When you get your next menstrual period, you must contact us to schedule the further process. You can call us on telephone + 45 3817 0740 during 16-21 on weekdays.

Please provide us with information about:

  • Your name
  • Your civil registration (CPR) number
  • The date of the first day of your menstrual period

We use the term first cycle day for the day on which your period has really started. You will be given an appointment for commencement of treatment and an ultrasound scan. If you are not resident in Denmark, we may agree in some cases that the ultrasound scan will be done near your place of residence.

If you get your menstrual period on a weekend, you must call us Monday during telephone hours to schedule your first scan appointment, which, in some cases, must be done already on the same day.

If you need donor sperm, you must remember to order it from one of the sperm banks when you register for the treatment.

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