Rules for freezing of fertilised eggs

If you have excess fertilised eggs of a good quality in connection with IVF or ICSI treatment, they can be frozen with a view to being transferred to your uterus later on.

The following applies:

  • Frozen, fertilised eggs can only be used for your own fertility treatment and cannot be donated to others.
  • Frozen, fertilized eggs can be stored until the woman turns 46 years old. If they have not been used before, they must be destroyed.
  • You must grant your written consent for freezing and storage, and declare that you accept the applicable terms and conditions.
  • We may only thaw your eggs if we have received written consent to this. This consent must be signed by both parties or by the woman in treatment of single women.
  • Donation for research purposes of frozen eggs that you cannot use yourself requires your informed consent.

Frozen eggs are destroyed in case of:

  • One of the parties’ death, unless the man has given his consent to the woman using the frozen embryos after his death.
  • The actual end of the cohabitation/marriage.